Monday, July 13, 2020

Simple Life gains

Set aside for investment, the greater your chances of achieving financial comfort in the future.
In order to do this, we should be able to distinguish between needs and desires, for example: you NEED a home that is safe and comfortable for families, but you WANT a luxurious house complete with a spacious courtyard and swimming pool.

Less stress
Have a lot of treasures can also lho, cause stress. Have a luxury home, luxury cars, luxury apartments, expensive vacations, sending a child to an expensive school definitely need additional costs that are not small for daily operation and maintenance.

If in fact the financial condition is not ready for a luxury lifestyle, having the property is actually a mental burden because we must continue to think and figure out how to finance and protect the goods lest it be lost or damaged. Simple life as per the financial ability will make your mind load lighter as cash flow remains smooth.

One of the simple lifestyle habits is to reduce food and eat in the restaurant and replace it with cheaper home cooking and guaranteed nourishing. If you want to snack, try to reduce the frequency and portions, with so much weight and expenditure will be more restrained.

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