Thursday, July 16, 2020

5 Minimalist life Benefits amid the Corona pandemic

The spread of Corona viruses has a bad impact on many things, including financial problems. This happens because people are no longer able to work optimally. They must obey the government's recommendation that requires every citizen to dwell at home to break the COVID-19 chain.

Inevitably, people will now have to start changing their habits. One of the things that can be reached is by changing the lifestyle in a minimalist. Because, lifestyle is very influential about financial problems. Moreover, now look for money more drag. Of course it takes significant adjustments.

1. Physical and Psychic healthier
Running a minimalist lifestyle at least you don't become consumptive. Try to refrain from always being tempted by materil things. If you start to embed a minimalist life, it will affect your physical and mental health. Try your attention, out there are a lot of people who have a hedonist lifestyle. They squandering money, riotous, go to a fast food place every day to come to the nightspots often. That habit, will slowly impact your health.

This means that if you are living in a minimalist lifestyle, you will be healthier and physically. For you will be more selective to choose which foods are good for a safe, harmless body. Because there is not often a night out, your physical will also be awake from the possibility of illness. Especially in today's conditions, it can be a precious momentum to start changing your life patterns.

2. More free
Almost everyone who has a hedonist and consumptive lifestyle is often stuck and tempted by worldly pleasures without the thought of spiritual freedom. That is, they are more bound and attached to material things alone will also always want to perform perfectionists in the eyes of others. Always wanted to get praise and flattery.

Unlike the minimalist lifestyle, which lives as it is and is simple, they tend to be more honest and do not thirst for from others, they do not like to collect valuable items if they are not really needed. This makes them more free, more feel the freedom of not being afraid of losing anything they have. Minimalist people usually have high spiritual power than people who have a hedonist lifestyle.

. A quieter mind
Another benefit is that you will feel peace of mind. Because there is not much burden. The minimalism, the burden of their minds will diminish. You will no longer think about the many installments or needs of money needs not important in your daily life.

Because, this peace of mind can affect psychic and physical health. In essence, you'll feel a great benefit when you can apply a minimalist lifestyle. Who doesn't want to have a calm mind? And what does it mean to have everything if our minds are not calm?

4. Save money
A minimalist lifestyle also certainly has a good impact on your finances. Especially if applied today, your finances will definitely remain stable. A minimalist lifestyle means you can resist the temptation of not spending too much money. So, your expenses can be more efficient. And you can also allocate your money for investment or for capital.

Different with hedonist and consumptive life patterns. Especially if you still apply the life patterns during the current crisis conditions. You can get your finances on the horizon and the stuff you have in your ludes selling. Well, this minimalist pattern of life is important to apply during the current crisis. Suhur Sukur Kalo You can apply it forever.

5. Can save
When you apply a minimalist lifestyle then you are careful in spending your money. You will be observant of finances and prioritise your primary needs rather than secondary. Well when you can be careful in spending, you have a chance to be able to save.

However, if you have a hedonist lifestyle, the consumptive will be difficult to save, especially for those of you who are accustomed to live in the life, but saving will be a habit for those of you who are accustomed to life sparingly. This saving activity is very important to anticipate your finances which are now increasingly drag.

Those are the 5 benefits of a minimalist lifestyle that you can apply in everyday life from early on. Hopefully your finances remain steady and the current conditions are improving!

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