Sunday, July 12, 2020

5 Benefits of living in the village

A dynamic urban life with all the hustle and bustle of an urban culture that is pleasing, not necessarily able to provide the inner peace of society in it. Even the accelerating pace of urbanisation is increasing, adding more complex urban problems on a daily basis. Many people think, moving to the city will be able to open hopes to be able to get a decent quality of life. But in fact, hope that is not balanced by the ability to even become a problem of new life is more complicated.

During this time our society is often powered by its own death. They suppose all the well-qualified urban facilities that they could easily enjoy without having to battle the mud and soil. In fact, life in the countryside is much more beneficial if it is addressed with a postive thought.

Here is the reason why living in the countryside is much more beneficial than in urban areas. The five reasons are as follows:

Cost of living is cheaper
The need for clothing, food and board of society is often influenced by the social lifestyle around it. If the encoation of the cost of life needs tends to be more expensive, then rural living costs will be much cheaper. This is because all the needs in the city is no longer available in the environment for free (e.g. water, vegetables, side dishes and so on) not to mention the lifestyle of clothing and planks that tend to hedonis. While in the village there are many basic necessities that are easily obtained around the house. Moreover, the simple community lifestyle makes the cost of living easier and also cheap. So even though life with a well-made income, the villagers can live quietly and also peaceful.

Easier Life Opportunities
With the existence of living facilities that can be taken from nature, the opportunity to survive in the countryside is much higher than the Diperkotaan. All we need for survival ranging from groceries, shelter and also water can be easily found as long as it wants a simple life. With these natural facilities, as long as we do not have high prestige and want to learn, surely we can get a decent life in the countryside.

More can be done
Everything we need is widely available in our environment. If we try to think creatively, there will be a lot of things we can make to become a source of livelihood. Moreover, when we live in the village, there are many things that are not used such as organic waste, inorganic or empty land that can be used to create. Nowadays, there are many innovations that can be emulated to improve the living standards of villagers. As long as we can think creatively and want to strive, all things are not used will surely be beneficial for others.

Healthier Lifestyles
Fresh air and natural condition, making the environment quality in the village become healthier. The activities of villagers in making a living that requires a heavy physical effort, make their bodies must continue to move and remove sweat that is useful to detoxify the body against toxins that settle. In addition to the many organic foods available from nature, it will be very beneficial to the body's resistance to all diseases that come from the outside. When the body works in direct sunlight and is supported by good air quality and balanced nutrient intake, then naturally the cells in the body will quickly generate and strengthen the immune system of the body of the rural community. Therefore, it is not surprising if many of us encounter villagers who have long life and remain strong even in their old age.

A more religious environment
The bustle of urban and cultural people who tend to be liberal often make residents in them become negligent and reluctant to worship. Unlike the lifestyle of villagers who tend to be modest, worship has become a living norm that must be executed and will become taboo when left behind. The simplicity of the rural lifestyle makes its citizens more active in religious affairs and creates a sense of social nuance therein. No wonder if most organizations or religious education (such as pesantren, social foundations and so on) are developing in villages and able to give birth to the great people in the future.

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